Student Choreography Showcase


General Rules

The following general rules apply to all student choreagrapher entries:


Evaluation Criteria

All student work will be evaluated using the following criteria:

  1. Existence of a satisfying beginning, middle and end;
  2. Through-line connection(s) which give the work coherence;
  3. Use of dynamics;
  4. Use of rhythmic tools in developing and manipulating movement phrases;
  5. Clarity and effectiveness of design;
  6. Integration of choices for flow and unity.


Cast Auditions

Please note the following clarifications concerning cast auditions:

Priority in the casting of dancers for the showcase will involve the consideration of the following elements:

  1. Extra rehearsal times
  2. Costume fee for showcase (under $50)
  3. Being on time and present for all tech rehearsals for the show
  4. Showing respect for your peers


Faculty Mentors

Each student choreographer will be assigned a faculty mentor. The purpose of the mentor is to guide the student through the creative process and provide timely and periodic feedback on her/his work. When a mentor or other faculty member/designer is invited to a rehearsal, the times they are asked to be there are when the choreographer must be ready to show the work.


Costume Showing

All student pieces selected are required to participate in a costume showing with the mentors. This showing is to ensure quality costumes that are appropriate for enhancing the vision of the choreographer. All choreographers are responsible for getting costumes and staying within the budget. All choreographers should run specific costume ideas by their choreographic mentors and designated costume coordinators by the second week of rehearsals before purchasing and taking any payment from cast. CFDC can help in assisting ordering costumes, but payment must be made in full prior to ordering.


Communication Guidelines

Clear and direct communication about rehearsal times, costuming, music, scheduling conflicts, emergencies, or any other concerns helps everyone develop and maintain positive and supportive attitudes throughout the creative process. All dancers in each student work will be made aware of the faculty mentors and other important contacts as listed below in the order in which they should communicate if there are any problems during the rehearsal process.

  1. Student Choreographer
  2. Faculty Choreography Mentor
  3. Artistic Coordinator of the Concert (Nicole Carpenito)
  4. Departmental Chair (Lindsey Albright & Avree Hutchison)


Important Dates & Deadlines

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Cast Member Application

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